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What's the easiest way to get your pet's preventatives, food, prescription medications, and other necessities?  Shipped right to YOUR front door! 

All products available through our online store (run by Covetrus) include the manufacturer's guarantee.  To help us keep information up to date and provide the best care, records of any prescription items (including food) are automatically imported into your pet's medical record.

If you place a prescription order which needs a doctor’s approval, the online store will send our clinic a notification, and for non-prescription orders, no approval is necessary.  Once we verify the order, it will be processed and shipped to your door!

FREE SHIPPING is available on most orders over $49, otherwise flat-rate shipping rates apply... OR save BIG TIME by using the auto-ship option - here, your order will ship for FREE and you set a timeline for future shipments sent directly to your home!

Click here to find deals on products through the online store.  Covetrus Online Store Deals   These change often, so check regularly! 

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