Client Education: Short Articles from WVH Staff!

Follow the links below for quick, fun articles provided by WVH!

  • Happy Vet Visits!
    • Click below to learn what they are and why we recommend them.


  • Fear Free Vet Visits!
    • Click below to learn how to help your pet feel more comfortable for their visit.   



  • Importance of Home Dental Care!
    • Dental care for pets is just as important as it is for humans.  Click below to learn about dental care at home.


  • Puppy Socialization Tips!
    • It's important to socialize early and properly.  Click below to learn how.


  • Flea & Tick Products Recommended by WVH!
    • Flea and tick prevention is important for pets year-round.  Click below to learn about products we recommend.


  • Flea Information
    • Did you know 95% of fleas in your house aren't on your pet?  Click the link below to learn more.  This flea handout is courtesy of DVM 360.


  • Pet Insurance
    • Click the link below to learn more about three pet insurance companies ranked highest for service, premiums, and coverage.


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