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Herd health protocols are tailored to the individual dairy. We can devise protocols for vaccinating your cattle, parasite control and prevention, mastitis treatment and prevention, and calf care procedures.

We also provide pregnancy examinations for your cattle.  One way we can diagnose pregnancies is through the use of ultrasonography, commonly known as an ultrasound.  With the ultrasound, we can determine the pregnancy status of your animal at an earlier stage of gestation, check for fetal heartbeat, and determine the sex of the fetus from about 60-90 days gestation.

Drs. Smithyman, Stever, Miesen, and Gander specialize in dairy and beef herd health services and would be happy to assist you in maintaining the best possible health and care of your animals.

If you wish to schedule a herd visit or have any other questions, please call our office at 262-473-2930 and our receptionists will be glad to help direct you to one of our large animal veterinarians.

Attention Large Animal Clients!  Milk Culturing is available at WVH.  Click the link below to learn more!

Milk Culturing

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